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How do I book my reading with you?

Thank you so much for your interest in a reading! You can book your reading by going to Book Online and select the type of reading, date/time, and then pay! It's that simple!
Emailed readings are also available in the Shop, as well as dream interpretations. Once you purchase yours, please allow at least 48 hours after purchase for it to be completed and emailed to you.

How are readings done?

Live readings are performed over the phone, text message, and Zoom. I also offer emailed readings, in which I type up a report of your reading and send it to you with photos of any spreads attached. Dream interpretation is performed by analyzing the symbols in your dreams, whether it is a recurring dream or a one-off. You need to provide me with as much information as you can remember from your dream to get the most of your analysis. Dream interpretation is performed as a way to show you how your subconscious and your waking life enmesh, and what you can do for the future. 

Will you teach me to be a witch?

I cannot teach you how to be a witch but I can help you along your way if you are one with my Magical Tutoring service! These are private lessons aimed at helping you become more proficient in your magical practice. You can book for one single 60-minute session under Book Online or buy the package deal in my Shop that includes 6 months of 60-minute sessions.

Can I have one free question?

No, I do not do free readings.

Do you do parties, events or house visits?

I'm sorry, but I am not available for parties, events or house visits at this time.

How can I submit a testimonial? Will it be anonymous?

The best way to submit your testimonial is by emailing me. It may be shared to any of my social media platforms. All testimonials are anonymous to maintain confidentiality.

Why charge others for the use of your gifts?

I am a human being, just like you are, thus I need to bring home my own bacon. Just because I am labeled as “spiritual”, that does not mean I am devoid of any basic (or complex) human needs. Also, think of paying for the reading as an exchange of energy. Another way to look at it, is that you are paying for me for my time to perform your reading.

Is there a difference between doing long-distance readings or in-person ones?

There is no difference. I work with you based on your energy and whatever insight that comes through to me to relay to you. Also, the spirit world from which I receive messages is boundless and endless. Therefore, you don’t actually need to be in the same room as me to have me perform your reading.

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