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My First-Ever Blog

It all started with a poll on my Instagram story, and some messages from followers wanting to see me do this all along. Lo and behold, I've started a blog on here with Realm of Spirit!

For a while now, I have felt the need to start writing again out of a desire to engage with this longtime creative outlet of mine. I also find it fitting that I am starting this blog right in the middle of Gemini season!

The last time I had anything close to a blog was when I ran an Amino community dedicated to traditional witchcraft and occultism, where I would research and write articles for the community. Those days are long gone, but my knack for writing is still very much alive.

With this blog, I intend to provide a way to engage with you more in addition to providing educational content. Doing the latter is rewarding for both the writer and the reader - I get to research and stimulate my brain, you get to read the finished product and hopefully get something from it.

On my blog, you can also find upcoming events I'll be part of, as well as anything relating to services etc.

I hope you all enjoy this brand new part of my website! I look forward to putting out interesting content.



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