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The First of Its Kind - Teaching Dream Work in Salem

On July 9 at 2pm, I will be teaching a class on dream work and its relevance in witchcraft, magic and mysticism at Modern Magic Salem. This is truly a special event because it isn't just my first in-person class, but it is the very first class of its kind ever taught in Salem.

Usually, classes are taught about other arcane matters like candle magic, protection, even ceremonial magic in some places, but dreams have never been taught about in this context.

This isn't an event you will want to miss! If you are in the Salem, MA area around July 9 , it would be amazing to meet you, in addition to seeing familiar faces as well.

Teaching is one of my passions, and its only grown stronger over the past few years with the introduction of Magical Tutoring. Before that, I was teaching Zoom classes. The one I'm teaching in person was one of the very first in addition to a 3-week Tarot course and a class on protection magic.

You can purchase tickets here at the official Modern Magic Salem website ( Purchase in advance is required for entry and participation. Location info is also found on their website. I look forward to exploring the realm of dreams with you!

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