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The Space Between

I think about death every single day.

Before you go and assume anything, this mainly has to do with the fact that as a witch and psychic, I have a very different relationship with death than most people. If anything, many others like me feel the same, too.

People seem to have a clear picture of where they go when they're gone: Heaven or Hell, maybe even purgatory. This is all fine and good, but when your very existence is one that lies in the space between everything, you tend to think differently. You know and perceive differently.

At least once every other day, I get impressions or passing thoughts of people who have died, or subconscious visitations from my spirits. Whether it's in my day-to-day or in the middle of spellwork, they're always there. Everyday is a new lesson, a new gift, and one that is never guaranteed. That in itself is magic; that is because magic also starts with a choice, prior to this your very mind is in the space between. Do I do this, is one thought. The next moment, do I do that instead? The choice to apply the lessons and gifts that each day brings is a choice in the same fashion.

As a witch, I understand that I am a living crossroads, in flesh and blood, which will one day join those who came before and tip the scales. I am the vertex from which all roads and realms meet to become manifest in this world. If you're a witch reading this, you are, too.

Do not be afraid - fear holds you back. One thing I have learned from working with spirits and the dead is how to appreciate life more and it has made me more humble and respectful of all that's around me.

Yes, I think of death every day... but yes, I live my life as fully as I can, standing in the space between.

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