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Plant Allies

Plants are living things, regardless of the parts we use or whether they are fresh or dried. As such, they also possess spirits that can prove very useful in our magical practice as witches.

Plants become our allies the more we call upon their help, and every time this happens, we also become connected to the vast expanse that is the Green World. Like people, each plant has a personality of its own. They have their own virtues which show themselves to the practitioner, who learns how they can be helpful. Plants also can be fair or foul; while we can derive potent medicines from both, one needs more discretion than the other. Trees that have stood for centuries or even millennia can teach important lessons and impart wisdom to those who will listen.

When you read about interacting with plant allies in books, you may be overwhelmed and find it difficult. The truth is, it doesn't have to be, and it isn't. The next time you are concocting an herbal mixture for any intention, speak to them. Tell them what you need them to do.

Let's use a love spell mixture as an example. Like any herbal mixture, you can dress candles with it, add it to a mojo bag, or burn as an incense over charcoal. You may gather rose petals, damiana, yarrow, lavender - just a few things, but we are keeping it simple. As you add each to your mortar and pestle, speak to them.

Spirit of the rose, grant to me love & romance, while reminding me to love myself.

Spirit of damiana, grant me passion & lust with the love that comes my way.

Spirit of the yarrow, grant me commitment & fidelity, may he put a ring on my finger.

Spirit of lavender, allow me to attract & enchant to draw love into my life.

As you mix, recite it all again until you're finished. Breathe life into the mixture - the air from your lungs is an offering for them to go forth and help you attain your desire.

Try it!

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