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The Sight is Sacred + Candid Thoughts

I am a natural witch and psychic, meaning that I was born this way. In my many years of doing readings, and in the various changes that have come with doing this professionally, I've noticed an oversaturation of psychics and armchair occultists on social media. It seems like anyone can pick up a book or a Tarot starter kit, and once they get the gist of a 3-card spread, that is all they do. Then they flood the feeds with "affirmations" and overall vague "collective messages" that seem to only talk about the positive and bright side of things.

Yes, I have attempted to do collective messages before, and I admit they never caught on - but maybe that is because I prefer to work one-on-one with clients and provide unique, specific readings applying to them; not a one-size-fits-all video with a vague message. It's much more rewarding and helpful that way.

With this being said, sometimes getting clients booked can be hard. Many people tend to default to readers who only preach positivity while doing readings for dirt-cheap rates. Whereas the more experienced charge more based on years of experience, and no one bats an eye. It can be really disappointing, discouraging and even exhausting to constantly advertise without a turnaround, while others without experience or true knowledge get all the exposure. Sometimes it can make an experienced reader decide if this is even worth continuing. Then we remember that we are here for our clients, to help them through life's ups and downs by being there to provide our guidance and foresight.

The sight is sacred. Knowledge is sacred. Obscurity can sometimes be a curse on those who possess both. A lot of magical systems from around the globe are initiatory, some being streams of practice within the Craft. This is for a reason. People seem to hate gatekeeping (defined as limiting general access to something), but sometimes it is valid to preserve the sanctity of said knowledge. Otherwise the wrong people will take advantage of it, and end up paying a dire price because they chose to "fuck around and find out". At the end of the day, gnosis will come to those who are destined for it.

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